"The Value of Life: AIDS in Africa Revisited"
  2004 "The Value of Life: AIDS in Africa Revisited"

2 Years into Stephen Lewis's job as UN HIV/AIDS envoy, we return with him to Africa and discover that the pandemic still threatens to devastate whole nations. The film becomes Stephen Lewis's desperate plea for life prolonging antiretroviral drugs for the continent.
  "The Value of Life" is a tribute to the women of Africa on the frontlines against AIDS without the support they need. Stephen Lewis forcefully exposes the double standard in the world's failure to respond to the courageous efforts of these women"
Salih Booker, Executive Director, Africa Action

CBC : The Nature of Things
Executive Producer Michael Allder

CBC Wilderness Award (BEST CBC DOC OF YEAR)
Chris Statuette and Bronze Plaque : Columbus International Film and Video Festival
Freddie Award
Bronze Award - health/medical. New York Festival

Viewers sent $120,000 to the Stephen Lewis Foundation