In Search of the Assassin


A bomb explodes at a press conference given by Eden Pastora deep in the Southern Nicaraguan jungle. 4 reporters are killed. Journalist Susie Morgan is evacuated and undergoes seventeen operations. Then she returns to find out who the assassin was. With Central America in turmoil, it could easily be the left - or the right.

"This film happens to be the most sensational documentary of the past year and more .. "
Sean Day Lewis. Broadcast.

"In Search of the Assassin starts with a real jolt and never looks back...the result is a gripping, finely constructed and obsessional, shot by Judy Jackson as though she were doing an episode of Brond. You can cut the menace with a knife."
The Independent

"The outraged Susan may not have been successful in her mission, but by God she tried, and created, with brilliant director Judy Jackson a film that gave new stature to investigative reporting."
Yorkshire Evening Post