Adios General


Portrait of a Santiago shantytown during the Pinochet dictatorship. Many of the men have been arrested, so the women are working together so they and their children can somehow survive. They've created what amounts to a new culture against the background of repression. A record of life and death in a marginal community.

Broadcast on BBC

"Every viewer must have been moved by Hortensia Zavala and her son Rodrigo, both scarred by the death of Hortensia's husband Miguel, at the hands of Pinochet's soldiers."
Christopher Tookey, Telegraph.

"A gripping story of women finding strength in a shantytown short of fathers - killed, imprisoned, or just 'disappeared' in the South American sense"
Hugh Herbert. Guardian

"Distinguished director Judy Jackson took her camera to a Chilean shantytown - one of the best films in the series"
Sean Day Lewis.